Lithium, sodium & potassium reaction with water Demonstration


We are doing the Lithium, sodium & potassium reaction with water Demonstration tomorrow, in CLEAPSS it says the reaction is done in a glass Bowl but we do not have one, i was thinking of buying Pyrex bowl but thought to check with you if it has to be a glass bowl or could we just use plastic one and if there is any other alternative?

Thank you so much in advance


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CLEAPSS PP122 has an equipment list on it
It suggests a trough which is distinct from a bowl - it has a flat bottom so won't roll or tip over during use

Definitely do not use plastic! The burning metal will likely hit the edge as it moves around and melt the plastic.
If you do not have a pyrex glass bowl, you can use a very large beaker and smaller bits of metal.
CLEAPSS is against using beakers of any size as the smaller water surface area can cause an explosive air/hydrogen mix from even a 3mm cube of potassium


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I love that all the exam boards require this demo but the whole first page of CLEAPSS guide is "these are the idiot ways people have flamingo'd it up" :laughing:
Thanks all for your reply and guidance, we used clear pyrex casserole dish at the end and it was fine.
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