Leaving speech

I’m leaving my technician role in this school soon and as I’ve been here a long time I’m expected to give a short speech before I go. What would you include in your leaving speech?
Depends on your relationship with the school.

My personal favourite leaving speaker was the music teacher who started his retirement speech with "F*ck off [unpopular multi academy trust who took over our school]" then played us all a song on the piano :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Legend.
Depending on my mood on the day - It will be 'so long and thanks for all the fish' or I'll rip into how things (don't) work and certain staff....
mine would be "many of you probably don't know me but this is what I used to do for x years............" Someone asked me if I was new a while ago! Another tech handed in their notice after school broke up for summer, so plus side was no speech......I quite like the sound of this.
I'm dreading this myself too.
I have been here for 20 years and most of the people I knew well have left.
Being stuck in science a lot of staff do not know who I am.
A cleaner who was actually a student got a cringing last day - warm prosecco that was left over from Christmas and only a few staff turned out to see him!
I think I'll just refuse to do it when the time comes, what they gonna do? Sack me?
I'd refuse. I hate that kind of thing. When I got my RSciTech the Head actually told me beforehand that he was going to make an anouncement in staff briefing but I didn't have to be there if I didn't want to be!
If I ever choose to, mine will be about how this place (the employer, not the school per se, it's been 2 premises so far) has set my life on the course it is. Without this place, I wouldn't have bought (and lost) a house, wouldn't be dad, etc