Lead Metal

As part of my thorough clear-out to keep me busy during the covid crisis, I've stumbled on some pretty significant Lead stores. Some are small pieces (presumably for displacement), some are cut into squares (probably for folding parcels to burn), and some of it us just... large slabs that I'm not sure what you'd do with them. I've looked at CLEAPSS guidance and there's nothing specifically not recommending the use of lead, but I'm curious if any of you have much call for it. I doubt I'd trust it in kids' hands. Maybe for demo purposes. I'm umming and erring as to whether I should mark it for specialist collection and disposal, or whether to just keep it.
Our teachers hit sheets / large pieces with a hammer to show how ductile it is when talking about the properties of metals etc.
You can't dispose of lead as easily, the reason why in CLEAPSS bulletin 165 it told us to stop using SnPb solder as of the change in regulations for disposal of leaded solder, you are supposed to use no leaded solder for this reason.