Lead Acetate paper for Hydrogen Sulphide detection

Hi all,
Please can someone help me with how to make Lead acetate paper... I`m assuming its filter paper soaked in Lead Acetate solution but I have the crystals and cannot find on CLEAPPS how to make it up. I see it is soluble in water........ I do not know what strength to make the solution and how to make it safely. I`m sure its staring me in the face on CLEAPPS any links will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Lead Acetate paper is usually bought in books similar to indicator paper or cobalt chloride paper

Can't say I've seen a method for DIY ones
Thank you everyone, I knew it was right in front of me but I couldn`t see it! It was my hope that I would find a book of the indicator paper in my inherited stock of indicator papers.... BUT NO! That would be far to easy :)

Thanks guys you are all a real lifeline!