Key keys keys..... bane of my life.

We have a key safe with numbered keyrings - keys that do the same (e.g. we have several gas keys) have same coloured nail polish on for ease of reference when grabbing them. If there are concerns about people helping themselves then you absolutely need a lockable key safe that only certain people have a key to!
Well if you think all of yours were bad. I used to work for Butlin's Hotel many years ago and they had a huge key cupboard and you would have thought, great it would be easy to find the key you wanted. WRONG. Each floor had a chain of keyrings joined together, with each keyring having a different key on it. So once you found the floor you needed you had to check every key for a stamped number for the room you wanted, but none of them was in any sort of order so you could start with 467 then 437,401,444 etc. It could take 10-20 mins to find the key you wanted. Then you had to take this massive chain of keys with you and hope you didn't lose the one you needed. It was a nightmare.