Job expectations

I feel ya

This is what i walked into this morning - pink are late, blue are ones I've had to chase the staff cos there wasn't nearly enough details to complete the request and green are ones were the only info i got was their name and the room......
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Just had a new teacher think they couldn't do a prac as it was not authorised. :)
I'm a solo technician on 37 hours a week TTO. We have 110 teaching hours per week split across 8 teachers (some are part time). We have 6 labs on 2 floors.

Not sure what my service factor is? 0.3?


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Are they paying for your business insurance and mileage. If you are expected to run equipment over 2 sites then it is a business trip and the school should be paying you accordingly, or providing a company car. You should not be transporting any chemicals without the correct licences
Technically we shouldn't even use the car for the weekly onions for microscopes shop either without it

Although I remember quite a few people on here saying their insurance actually dropped when they added the business option into it so go figure :rolleyes:
Hi everyone, I was just wondering about what is reasonable/normal and what is not in terms of work load (as have not done this job previously and haven't done it for too long).

So I am a lone tech and I work 24 hours a week, not in the holidays, there are 11 teachers and I go between two different school sites transferring equipment and the expectation is to run a lunchtime club ( which I have dropped for the start of this term to get to grips with new teachers). Then of course all the other stuff such as H&S admin, stock solutions, ordering etc.
Is this pretty standard? Or more or less than others? Just trying to get a gauge on things :)
Thanks in advance.
Sounds a bit excessive to me.