Iodine solution

I want to replace the old yellowy iodine solution for starch testing. I have a large bottle of Iodine solution (1% in KI) but need 0.01M. How many moles is that? How much do I need to dilute this by?
Its not very scientific, but I usually just make up a 1:9 solution with distilled water from the stock solution. If it looks about the right colour (dark orange/brown) and goes black with starch, then jobs a good'un!
Seems a bit high to me. Looking at the Sci Chem catalogue they sell a 0.05M solution which contains 2% w/v KI. I am confused.
Made a 1:9 solution and it looks right. The other tech is telling me its too dilute but she doesn't know what it should be. Senior tech is off with Covid so I'm in charge. Thanks for your help guys. I could have worked it out but we are rushed off our feet.
Was looking at this
1% is 1g in 100ml
1% is 10g in 1000ml

MW Iodine is 253.80g mol-1 so
253.8g is 1M in 1000ml
25.38g is 0.1M in 1000ml
2.538g is 0.01M in 1000ml

so the 1% is roughly 4 times stronger than what he needs.
By my calculations he needs to dilute by 4 times????