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Recently we have seen countless examples of members uploading documents that are from CLEAPSS, the RSC and various exam boards to these forums.

Attaching documents that usually require a payment to view or that are for members of 3rd party organisations is against our policies and can result in legal action from the copyright holders. This has happened in the past and it jeopardises the very existence of this site.

Please DO NOT attach documents to posts here unless you own the copyright on it. Not only is it a pain to keep removing content and warning members, but it also risks us receiving cease and desist orders or worse, legal action.

You CAN link to documents using a URL as long as the document is not being hosted here.

Our policies clearly state this rule and as you have all agreed to our T&Cs when registering, anyone who uploads this type of document will receive a warning. A second warning will result in that member being removed from these forums.

Our T&Cs can be found here:

If you have any questions, please message us: @prepAdmin
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