I'm glad I have a sense of humour...

Just had a teacher ask for the gas to be turned on in a lab..so I roll down on my scooter, into the lab.

30 seconds in there, one kid on a pod says, quite loudly "Timmehhhh!"..

Turned to the kid.."yes? That's me.."

"OH GOD!! Sorry sir! I wasn't being...I didn't mean..oh, god..."

I started laughing. "No, I know. Don't worry about it. South park, yes?"

"YOU watch South park?"

"I did when I was around your age, yes. Personally, I always liked Kenny."



It's like when they get told to hurry in the corridors..."we can't run indoors!"..I shout as well..."I can't even run outdoors!"

Gets a laugh...that's fair brightened my day..:laughing: