I hate chasing orders that go 'missing' (My turn for a rant)

We keep a stock of exam pencil cases to sell if they need equipment. We were told NOT to sell any on the day of the exam. Since they'd managed to sell the entire stock in class time we couldn't anyway.

We once had a child try to buy a revision guide half an hour before their exam. :rolleyes:
We used to sell stationery. We tried to re-introduce it but 'modern' HoD's we've had say it's too much hassle for teachers, I don't know why as they just send kid to us & we do it. Heigh ho.
CLEAPSS told me we can quarantine/clean glue sticks and scissors.
I could do that but with the volume of equipment that needs looking after, glue and scissors were way down the priority list. I doubt very much that they will agree to continue not having them in the labs but Covid has shown us just what we can manage without and I'll be arguing the case. I'm not sure what it is exactly but having to "look after" stationery in the department really irritates me. :(
We don't have glue or scissors here, it was costing too much money and wasting too much time. Any lessons that needed them were edited to take that activity out. In fact we don't give out any stationary at all now I think about it. If a student doesn't have a pen, pencil, ruler or whatever they can borrow from someone in the class or they can buy them from the library.
We're quite lucky here as reception are pretty good at making sure deliveries get to the right department. We also have a system where deliveries have to be confirmed as received so if an order doesn't get to us for any reason we won't sign the invoice. Finance hate that so it tends to get things resolved pretty quickly.
Same here; no problems since they tightened the system to a 'chain of evidence' level LOL !
Before that... no imagination required !
So after a week of waiting for fresh glue sticks and telling science teachers begging for them that they should be delivered soon, it turns out they were delivered at the same time as a package I actually did receive. No one else is allowed into the office so I find it hard to believe someone stole it. But it looks like someone has assigned it to the wrong person, so the site staff have sent it who knows where. They have no memory of delivering it, even though it was a little over a week ago. And sending out whole school emails is pointless because no one ever replies or owns up because 'Hey I got free glue and you can't find me haha', so I'm here chasing my tail following every lead down every dead end just to learn what I already know - they're long gone, and we'll have to spend yet more of the science budget on more and hope that whoever can't read in the office or site team gets it right on the second try.

Sorry, this is still a recent (as in ongoing recent) bugbear. I am fuming more than concentrated nitric acid right now.
Yes, same here, things go missing and deliveries get sent to wrong department.