How soluble is soluble starch?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has difficulty with it. Sometimes with a freshly boiled kettle of water it goes well but it seems to be weather dependent because other times it doesn't haha. Also of course using kettle water means it won't be sterile but to be fair most of the things I use starch don't require significant accuracy

I've been tempted to take a sharpie to my tubs to relabel them 'insoluble starch'
Ah yes I tend to leave it on the hot plate near boiling for a fair bit of time and do something else for a bit and it always goes clear. But typically if I watch it and try and get it done quickly it stays cloudy.
Ok I seem to have sorted it - or at least made it usable - I boiled it for at least 5 minutes and that seemed to clear it to a level I can cope with. SciChem have just started with a new supplier LOBA CHEMIE PVT LTD their containers are covered in phrases like 'Extra Pure' and 'For Reasearch and Development' - that worries me as these are not standard terms for levels of purity.
I stopped buying from them after the 3rd double/triple chemical delivery, finance got fed up not paying them.

Peter Sigsworth

I stopped buying from them after the 3rd double/triple chemical delivery, finance got fed up not paying them.
I have to say that SciChem have been very helpful in replacing the product with better quality and within a day - I guess they have to trust their suppliers and need the feedback so they stop using the bad ones.
Well its slightly strange it says soluble on the bottle! I'm slightly interested it says Ex Potato on the bottle - I had a bottle labelled Potato Starch a while ago - but it definitely did not say anything about it being soluble. Perhaps that's the clue. Very strange.
I agree. It's the potato bit! We had some of that a long time ago and got the same result. Ditched it and went back to proper soluble starch :)
When I'm making I do it similar to @CovTech make into a paste with small amount of distilled water then make up to the mark with boiling water always has worked for me.
I bought some last year which was labelled "soluble", and it came out thick, the same as yours. Good for custard but not what you want for an enzyme experiment ;). I returned mine. They had obvously had a problem with a certain batch, and sent me a new bottle which worked.