How long will a starch solution last?

Morning all,

Currently setting up chemistry OCR PAG 10.1 which calls for a 1% starch solution. It's first thing on Friday tomorrow.

It states it must be fresh - can I get away with less then 24 hours in advanced making this?

It is the iodine reaction experiment.

Many thanks :)
To avoid any issues, I would just make it fresh on the day of the practical but 24 hours should be fine. I've used older and had no issues.
Well I have found that I can keep the solution in a brown bottle for weeks and it still works. I have even found I can filter off any growths in the solution and it still works for this titration.
I don't recommend doing this but when I started work the Head Technician used to put "a pinch" of a mercurial compound into the starch solution bottle to inhibit mould growth!!!