how long have you worked as a technician?


I year university Tech, 15 years NHS, 10 years High school Tech, (give or take a few years with babies/toddlers inbetween...)
spent my whole working life, 35 years in some sort of science role. Worked as a tech in industry after leaving college, then the NHS for many years in labs and a few research projects, lab assistant in forensic science, again dipping into some research projects for 12 years til I got made redundant and now 6 years in education in 2 different schools.
Only subjects I was any good at and liked were science and art
10 yrs Industry (Chocolate Factory Mmmm...), 20 yrs Schools, 8Yrs UCL now back to School :), been here 18 months, but not actually been in much, due to Covid, Furlough...
I've been a school tech for the last 21 years and a tech in industry (textiles) since 1985!
Only another 17 years until I retire! :)
Officially it's 10 and a half years, all in the same school, but I helped out on a casual basis for a few years before that due to my mum being the senior tech and it being the school I attended as a student.
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14 years for me. 3 different schools, been at my current on for 4.5 years. Was my first job out of university.
Coming up to 4 years in 3 days, in that time I've got through a level 2 and level 3 NVQ/BTEC apprenticeship, soon to be a qualified member of the team!