how long have you worked as a technician?

paul r

some impressive service ! I have worked 7 years as school science technician , previously worked in industry for 33 years . I hope to retire soon !!


10 years this September (had a break of 6yrs looking after my children), nearly 7 years at my current school. How time has flown!!

karen b

I started working as a technician in a university teaching lab in 1986, moved to a research lab in a completely different discipline in 1999. 2007-2010 I lived in the USA and didn’t work. Summer 2010 to summer 2012 I worked as a sales admin person. I have been at this school since then.

So 30 years teching give or take
Six years full time here at this college, four years assisting at a university.

The biotech, who was disposed of last year, had done her half century having started here at the age of 16 and run through until past the normal retirement age until the pandemic and transport problems conspired to end things.
Easiest thing to say a year after the Falklands Conflict , Leaving you to do the complicated maths lol :)
wow!! we have such a vast number of years between us and its amazing to see the variety.
I'll just throw in my 2cents worth and let you know Ive been a tech for 13yrs among 3 schools...