how long have you worked as a technician?

I am at 17 years now (in the same school) and wondered how long everyone else has worked as a technician?
8 years, which I cannot believe, still think of it as 3 years! 3 years was literally just washing up whilst training though
This is my 3rd full year, I previously worked for P&G 34 years. Its been a big change in work environment
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A little over 4 years, prior to which I worked in the local cinema for a decade trying desperately to get out. No matter how bad a day might get here, I just look back and think to myself "Still better than VUE"
In total I've worked about 7 years as a school/college science technician in the last 25. Nearly 2 in this post (though a lot of it I've been at home)

paul r

Full time since 1986 (bar 6 months looking for a job in a city I knew nothing about, this was pre-internet and smartphone days), not in the same school I hasten to add - that's 35 years and will be 40-41 by the time I retire
Wow you must know everything there is to know !