Hi peeps, our last day today before we break up for the hols. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and hopefully relaxed break away from the madness of our educational institutions that we seem to spend most of our lives in! Well, it feels like it sometimes :rolleyes:
I love reading all the threads that's posted on here. Some very helpful and useful info. Some have me crying with laughter!
Wondered how many of us are going down the very risky route of trying to holiday abroad this year??
I'm just going for a few nights away in an Airbnb at some point. Well, happy holibobs all. :cool: See you in September.
We don't break up till next Wednesday so 3 days after today. Nearly there though! Not planning on leaving the UK this summer
Off camping in father in laws garden and hopefully a few days away on our friends boat on River Irwell.

As travel status to other countries can change so rapidly don't think it's sensible to take the risk of having to isolate
Today is my last day of the year too. I can't wait to go home and become a hermit for the next 6 weeks. I was self-isolating before it was mandatory. I like my solitude. Tis one reason why this job suits me so well.
The teachers and kids go next Tuesday - I am taking a week and a couple of days off and am in the rest of the time (I'm full time so only get 28 days + bank hols) and the Science Dept is being rewired. God knows where I'm going to shift stuff to avoid the sparkies and eons worth of dust in the light fittings.......
We finish next Wednesday, kids off at lunch then staff farewells etc. in the afternoon. As for what I'll do after that I don't know yet, all I know is that there will be a long lie in on the Thursday!
Our last day is not until 28th July and then only 4 weeks 3 days before everyone's back. I'm in most of the time, got loads to do as we've virtually been at full capacity with practicals all year. Still it will be nice without teachers and students.
I have until Wednesday, but as I am helpning the school after my notice, I am spending these last few days taking it a bit easier
This is my first day back after 3 week mid year break. It was difficult to go anywhere as Australia seems to be having a covid crisis at the moment and can't travel interstate! Enjoy your holidays all!
Yes, there are roadblocks at each border crossing and they are manned by either Police, Army or Feds. Bearing in mind that this is a vast country there are usually only a couple of roads going into each state.
Currently sweating my hoop off in the prep room and its only 9:15... my last day here is tomorrow then I've a few weeks at home before my new job starts.

I don't understand how anyone can live in countries where its frequently over 30 degrees, anything over 25 has me feeling like I can't breathe and currently its been touching 30 this whole week and last in NI.

Was off last week for the july week and went with the fam up the north coast to Ballintoy, but even though thats on the water it was still oppressively warm and clammy :'(

Roll on the winter lol or opening of restrictions so I can dissappear off to live with the penguins lol