Hi, new in Scotland

I've been lurking for some time as I was meant to start this job back in April. Been in school for a few days now. Excited but also slightly overwhelmed but since were not doing any practicals this week and next I have some time to find my feet a little. I have a background in oil and gas chemistry but no experience as a school technician. I'm a solo tech and previous has retired. No handover just being left to "get on with it". Forum and members will I'm sure be of tremendous help.
Welcome oil and gas person, guessing you may be in the Silver City or Blue Toon areas.

You will be expected to do everything and ready 10 minutes after the teaching staff remember to ask for it.
Also your previous H&S ethics will be completely changed, skools do things differently, i.e. ignore anything that the don't know or like.

Keep them in order and life is bliss. :)


Welcome. This is a great place to get information. If you've got a problem or query have a look on here. If the answer isn't here just ask. Someone will have come across a similar problem before and will be only to happy to help.
Hello fae Tayside.
I pretty much just lurk about too....

But by just typing into the search box, you should pretty much find some help you may need to get along.
I know I do (and I've been a school tech for 20 years.....)
Hi! I am a lone tech with no previous experience when I started 4 years ago. My Induction was 'here's the prep room'! But have learned so much from this forum, there's always someone who can help.
Good luck :)