Hi Everyone

Morning one and all,

I am new to being a science technician and started as a technician February 2023 and it has been a steep learning curve since then.
I have been a member on here for a lot of that time but never quite felt that I could post anything really until now. Not sure why, maybe imposter syndrome?
I really enjoy being a science technician and wanted to finally say hello.
You have to ignore Imposter Syndrome and get yourself some B***s**ttery confidence. I have survived on that since last November and have convinced an entire department that I know what I am doing :laughing:
Welcome!! You will be fine here! And remember there is no such thing as a daft question - sometimes the asking of it can start the formation of an answer.
Clearly you are not Amazon. I was looking today for a bluetooth camera pen to help a teacher show locations and features on a very small globe....had a brain fart moment and typed in "handheld wireless enlarger".......PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.....their suggestion was for a wireless penis enlarger and now i have a very awkward conversation to have with the IT manager about my browser history :laughing:
If you want to adjust capacity, try the following; Aepinus Condenser.
Our web filter hopefully blocks most dodgy stuff and many useful others sites (brewing, alcohol, distillation, etc.)
However It shockingly allowed many explicit images when I intended to search for a (rubber tubing) "sleeve expander" but accidentally used the word ... stretcher!
When I grow up
I will be tall enough to reach the Gratnells
That I need to reach to provide the pracs
You get to prep when you're grown up.

And when I grow up
I will be smart enough to answer all the questions
That you need to know
The answers to before you're grown up.

And when I grow up
I will eat sweets every day
on the way to work and
I will go to bed early every night!

And I will wake up when the alarm sounds for the tenth time
And I will watch cartoons until my eyes go square
And I won't care 'cause I'll be all grown up!

When I grow up!

And when I grow up, when I grow up
I will be strong enough to carry all the heavy things
You have to haul around with you
When you're a grown-up!

And when I grow up, when I grow up
I will be brave enough to fight the SLT
that you have to fight
beneath the preproom each night to be a grown-up!

And when I grow up I will have treats every day.

And I'll play with things that teachers pretend that teachers don't think are fun.

When I grow up!
First off, love the Matilda parody, Secondly, I really need to hear this sung lol