Hi all! I'm Magnus, and I work in many roles, across the private healthcare and education sectors. I've only recently started working as a Science Technician in school (generally I'm a Cover Supervisor/nQTS Teacher, with my degree in Education Studies and Science). I'm muddling through at the moment, but if anyone could direct me to appropriate/relevant distance learning courses I would be greatly appreciative!
Glad to be here, and I hope I'll be able to contribute in time! In the meantime thanks for the ideas/information/support
Hi Magnus, welcome. Sorry can't help on distance learning but the best technician training courses (in my opinion) are run by CLEAPSS (SSERC in Scotland) and the National Science Learning Centre in York - maybe have a look at their websites. Hope you enjoy the new role.
Thanks, Chris. Unfortunately I am a 'cover' here... which means I cant take time out. I'll definitely look at the CLEAPSS courses, though!
Hello and welcome, judging by your board name you are a Star Wars fan? :p

For online courses, check 'FutureLearn' its a great place filled with absolutely free courses that you can complete at your leisure.

There are no courses that are specifically 'how to train as a science technician' but there are plenty that are useful like 'inspiring students with plant science' that give hints and tips on how to use plant related biology equipment.
Hi, BioBee, and thank you for your response. I am, indeed a star Wars fan, and as of the launch of Ludosport Evolve am training to compete in Lightsaber fencing! Great fun, and a decent workout.

As to the training, that does surprise me; rather a gap in the industry there. Some enterprising individual should market such a course...
Great tip about FutureLearn, though, I'll get signed up, thank you. It's not knowing what I should be doing, most of the time that trips me up. No job description etc.
I trained to be a Physics educator, though I have done Bio and Chem years ago recalling some bits has proved tricky!

Shout out and hello to Technician Q! (Bond fan?)
I do quite enjoy Bond, especially the gadgets but that wasn't the inspiration for my name. My standard username starts with a q but I didn't want to use it for a work account.
I think the lack of training is because a lot of techie knowledge is passed down generations of techs rather than being able to be easily condensed into a single course. I think that there are things that all techs do and could be trained in, but at the same time there are a lot of things that we do that are dependent on what equipment we have, what schools we are in, what area we are located etc etc etc.

That said, I would totally sign up for any kind of online technician specific course! :p
Well, BioBee, if I stay in the job long enough to actually figure out what the job is, maybe I will look at putting one together! (though I did find the CLEAPSS induction document the other day which has given me a self-training start point, as I now know what I don't know!)

Q, go with the Bond story... conjures up awesome images of a high-tech Tech!