Hello, thank you and... goodbye?

While dropping out of uni (trying to do chemical engineering during covid broke me lol) my old chemistry teacher (now HOD) offered me a temporary lab technician job at my old school. I took the job for until the end of the academic year so my time is almost up.

I was woefully inexperienced, though this was greatly offset by the fact I had done most of these practicals in recent memory... I was determined to not be fully inept at my job, so I made sure to read CLEAPSS guidance and anything else of value I could find. Eventually I found this place (perhaps later than I would have liked) and learned even more.

I don't think this is a career I would like to do forever: the pay isn't amazing, the work is tough and the ammonia in the chem store is leaking again (jk). So I'd like to thank the tireless technicians who have unconsciously helped me and this school for this brief time.

While I might still loiter on these forums occasionally, I bid farewell to the job.

Stay awesome,
A wise teacher said to me once "A career is what you have while trying to earn enough to live."

Another one of his was "Shout quietly!!"

And my very favourite "STOP THAT! If you don't I'll do something. I don't know what it is but I do know you won't like it!" The unspecified threat seemed to have a greater effect than a known consequence that could be considered against the risk.