Hello again!

The Bee's are back in town!

After a daft couple of weeks/months I am pleased to say I am officially BACK in the labcoat :p:cool:

I am now working a full time & permanent position in an FE College.

Downsides so far:
- Currently on my own, lone teching will be an interesting experience!
- Covering all science instead of just biology however apparently the physics and chemistry is very minimal (we shall see! and I know if I'm stuck I can always reach out for help).
- View of a building outside my room instead of the rugby pitches but at least the window is bigger.

Upsides so far:
- Being able to do my own orders without it having to go through a billion people in the school system before getting lost or out of stock
- The previous tech was as organised as I am so this prep room is spotless and well labelled and set out logically
- The college car park was actually designed to fit cars so I no longer have to worry about getting stuck in/out of the car when someone parks beside me :laughing:
- Geographically the same distance from home as my previous position, but goes against the flow of traffic and has a motorway which is fun! 7 miles of empty road at 70mph at 7am will be fantastic craic!
Hi BioBee, welcome back! Sounds like you are in for an interesting time. Give us a shout if you want any help with physics/ chemistry stuff - plenty of knowledge on here.
Thanks both! Yes when I get settled in and get everything set up etc it will feel like home in no time :)