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Hi all just wondering if anyone on here is doing CCEA single award science GCSE? We are looking at practicals for next year and one of the physics required practicals is heat conduction of different materials. All the kits in catalogues are 4 metals but CCEA call for this
Does anyone know where we could buy this or do you make your own?

We only use 3 metals - brass, copper and iron, set up as shown.
The aluminium and glass rods tend to melt.


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We use the rods on a tripod..
Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Glass,
Teachers heat the Aluminium and Glass till they melt... Not sure what that is supposed to prove....
I made something similar using aluminium, copper and steel nails, I've got a rubber hammer still looking for the glass nails to go with it. Anyway the heat source should be a meths burner or a candle, glass will melt in a Bunsen flame.