Happy Half Term!!

Going to London straight after work to see Dad, friends and @Puds
Then doing a nice hiking walk from Colchester to Wivenhoe along the river which should be fun.
Also living about a 10 minute walk away from Hotel Chocolat keeps me sane.
:laughing: I like the way it's Friends AND @Puds:laughing:
Love you too!
I'm taking my partner on a surprise trip to belgium for his 30th! Means I get a present too then ;) doubt i'll remember any of my trip though because I'll be full of beer!

3 nights in Ghent, a day trip to bruges and a night in antwerp. Brewery and beer tours a plenty booked. I might try and fit a day trip into vichte for another fave brewery (where they make duchesse de bourgigne - its like alcoholic balsamic vinegar, love it!). Maybe sneak a trip to cantillion brewery in brussels before our train back! I'm so excited, not been abroad since pre covid and i am gagging for a holiday.

The following weekend are going to london to see spiderman at the IMAX :heart:, then I start at my new school! lots to look forward too!
That sounds amazing. I went to Belgium for a long weekend in the 80's, can't remember much :laughing:
Four weeks and counting. One of the benefits of working in the independent sector is the early run up to the summer hols.
7 weeks here, although I don't really count last week as it's 'Activities week' , as long as I don't get lumbered with going on a trip.