Half Term projects anyone?

Sounds like a lovely half term - animals, books and knitting, what more do you need :)

I read all the Harry Potter books over the summer, after reading the first two when they came out and wondering what all the fuss was about and giving up. I enjoyed them more this time !

Can we see photos of the critters ?! I was wondering the other day how Vanya is getting on.
Vanya's huge! She shed her skin yesterday. I'll try and get some good photos tonight :)
I did some home organising and played lots of Animal Crossing & Mario Kart Home Circuit on my switch. I did a DIY on a S thing I have and really proud of how well it has come out.

Also the most important one - catching up on sleep
Animal crossing is amazing I got it with my switch back in september when I changed phone contracts and honestly its been so relaxing