Haematology practicals

Hi, I am working at a College and we have started the BTEC Applied Science Level 3 course - Unit 20 Biomedical Science. I have been asked to look into practicals we can do - to start with in Haematology. Suggestions include red cell counting using Neubauer chamber and making a blood film. Does anyone have any references for practicals like measuring Haemoglobin or doing electrophoresis on Haemoglobin variants? I have found some kits but they are very expensive.
Thanks everyone
We have one - cant copy it over but use 540nm, dilute the blood 1:100 with 1% ammonium chloride. we setup 10 5ml dilutions from this (1 is 0.5 ml blood dil:4.5ml 1%Ammoniumchloride, 10 is just dilute blood) this gives the curve. we use defib horse blood and assume Hb is 12.2g/l. Then taking 20ul of each of A-F (prediluted blood as patient examples) and adding to 4ml of the 1%, leaving it for 10min then checking the absorbance and comparing to curve.

As an ex veterinary Biomedical scientist please dont let them teach the CLEAPSS way of making blood smears - its wrong. This shows the right way
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Hi CgPD, thanks for your post its very helpful. I used to be a Haematology Biomedical Scientist in London pre children and remember making films is a skill!!