Groundhog Covid

I've always informed the HOD and science teachers I will be going foe appointments. Never informed anybody else and just signed out of school. Never any comeback. What they don't know about the cant kick up a fuss.
This is where having a good HOD helps. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. All very flexible here.
I do feel for those of you who have issue that make your job harder than it should be.
"You scratch my back and I will scratch yours"
Our HoD will do that if it's something quick, but if its a hospital appt we have to provide hospital or Dr's letter to HR.
She usually asks that we try to change appointment to after 4pm, which obviously isn't always possible.
I do think HR/SLT is silly being so inflexible, after all it kills all goodwill. Whereas we would have happily (?!) helped out by staying a bit late, coming in early or popping in during hols for something, they make you think " Nah, stuff them".
They don't seem to realise, or care, that during busy times, staff work through lunch, stay after hours etc.
There was a lot more flexibility & goodwill before we had HR :(