Greasing Quickfit

I have always been taught it is unnecessary to grease quickfit joints . My new head wants to use grease.What are other peoples thoughts? Do you grease or not?
If I remember correctly, Vaseline goes a bit manky after a while - it hardens and yellows. Silicon fluid remains clear and liquid. But like many others I was told never to put any coating on quickfit.
Unless you are trying to get high vacuums, say a few millibars then quick fit joints should not be greased. One reason is contaminating what ever is in the glassware particularly when pouring it out.
As everyone else said, any greasing is totally unnecessary for quickfit. When I first came to this school the senior tech insisted on greasing it and when it came back to me I'd clean it off before I handed it out to anyone! Once she retired and I became senior I never let anyone grease it again :D
what about ground glass burette taps ???
Again, they should not need any sealant if you keep the correct taps in each burette. Once you start swapping them around you will be in for a world of problems. If absolutely needed, a very small drop of silicone oil may help. It's pretty inert but always double check on what gets put into the burette.
One time that some protection of the joint may be needed is if you are, for example, refluxing a corrosive such as NaOH. This would be to stop the joints fusing. In those cases, you can buy PTFE sleeves.