Gloves for students handling corrosives


I did. I am confused with the codes like A, B, C
And when I look at the suppliers websites they don't have these codes
You might have to contact them but those codes must be printed on the box somewhere so no chance they won't be able to find out for you :)
I use these sorts

Those are okay for dissection but not if the hazcard says gloves.

I havent found disposable ones, they share them which has it's issues now.

Yeah, I wouldn't like students wearing polythene gloves while handling concentrated hydrochloric acid
Look at the CLEAPSS guide. It depends on why there is a need for gloves. Different levels of protection are needed and available.

CLEAPSS will clarify if needs be.


I find the polythene ones less grippy and seem to get more breakages when I issue them. Cheap though.