Gas syringe care of

Hello Technicians,
Could anyone advise me. Gas syringes to measure evolved gas during reactions.
I thought they were used with grease? Is this correct?
If grease, silicone or petroleum jelly?
When storing, do you store them with cylinders in or out, greased or non greased.
I have no clue. Many thanks for your help.
I personally use mine completely dry as this tends to stop them from getting stuck, and there's too much friction between the pieces when wet.

We also tie string from the bottom of the syringe to the bottom of the cylinder to stop any unwanted breakages from the cylinders falling out!:D
As above. Wash, allow to dry and then polish with a dry paper towel. Making sure there is no lint or other debris attached, reinsert the plunger to the barrel. If there are issues, is it possible that plungers have been swapped over? You can spend a lovely quiet afternoon matching them.

Stored horizontally in a lidded Gratnell tray, plungers inserted and no lubrication.

The only time I will use lubrication on them is when I am having to extract a stuck plunger, usually due to contamination. Then I will use a mix of WD40 and penetrating oil.


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We always use ours dry as well - the fit is so tight in the barrel anything else in there would cause the cylinder to stick

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If you have to take them apart do it one at a time as the plunger and barrel need to stay together.

One helpful technician here took all the strings off to replace them and took all the syringes apart to clean them (we are v lucky and had about 50 syringes). We now have a smaller number and a tray of "spares" of bits that don't make a matched set