Enough of this week, already.

Monday night, washing machine left the chat.

Wednesday, suspension knocking, stonechip in the windscreen

Thursday, prep room dishwasher smoking. Heart dissections, 2 injuries..one cut his own wrist lightly and bled heavily, one dropped a scalpel, point first onto her leg..:rolleyes:

New washer just delivered by amazon, I'll fit that tonight. Need to look at the stone chip, car's in the garage monday for the suspension check.

And the prep dishwasher...microswitch charred and crispy for the anti-flood switch. Site replaced the switch, with one from my "misc electronics" box, so far so good.

Next week had better be less of a pain...
I hope you get half term off, sounds like you could do with a break.

Why do these things always come in waves?
One of those days.
Elodea needed for tomorrow. ( It was ordered early enough but none locally.)
Drove to place a few miles away, thick fog so wasn't great on road. A 4 X 4 ( Of course) shot through red light, making me brake suddenly & cringe as I saw van behind me stop within a fag paper of me. Whew.
Carried on driving, a kamikaze pigeon swooped toward me & dived straight under my car, feathers everywhere, no sign of body in road behind me. Think it's stuck underneath as car then started making weird noise from underneath. Joy.
Got to shop no parking anywhere, as council were tree trimming. Circled block 4 times, meanwhile phone ringing, had to stop on double yellows to answer, Dr telling me my blood pressure is far too high despite medication ( there's a surprise!).
Got back to school, my card wouldn't work for car park, no answer from reception, circled school 5 times! Car still making awful noise.
Ended up parking 10 minutes walk away. A 4 mile journey turned into 9!
Meanwhile hip/back playing up so had to limp back to school & got corneal tear so eye killing.
I'll have to get my son to look under car with torch later.
School had better not query length of journey for petrol claim.
I want to go home.:crying: