Electric Bunsen Burners???

I believe you're referring to this kind of electric Bunsen burner:

It said for flame experiments the burner requiring a gel.
Our new build is being designed at the moment and this is something that cropped up for us. We went through our practicals and put together a list of ones that we might not be able to do, and we priced up a couple of different bunsen alternatives for them. When they realised how much it would cost to equip 10 labs with electric burners they decided they needed to put a bit more thought into it.
The new build is going onto a new site which is on the edge of our town where there are no other buildings and therefore no mains gas. I think they're now looking into the possibility of tanks of some kind.
It can be piped from the cylinders as one of ours is about 25m away

I'm sure they'll figure it out, that's what they're paid to do. We were supposed to be opening in September, but they haven't even started building yet so its been delayed by a year. :rolleyes: Its going to be a through school which is new for us so from September we'll have the new reception year intake in demountable rooms in the car park here. I'm sure that'll be fun for everyone; we've never dealt with little ones before!