Displacement reaction of silver nitrate and copper metal

paul r

I am thinking of moving to the RSC method , ref Displacement reaction of silver nitrate and copper metal.

less waste and safer .

What do other Techs feel above this method ?

We used give them a whole boiling tube of Silver Nitrate and a length of copper wire .
Don't get asked for this very often as it isn't on the scheme of work, I'd probably go with a teacher demo and a digital microscope knowing what our lot are like with microscopes.

Nick Mitchener

I use this reaction when restoring clocks, to resilver brass dials. I use silver chloride mixed to a paste with a little water and rub it in with my finger, rinse and then finish with another paste made with cream of tartar. In the 17th century sodium chloride was made by boiling nuggets of silver in brine.
It's one of my favouritest practicals ever :love: and I've converted all the teachers over the last couple of years - one of my few microscale successes !
Ours are fine with it as a class prac, we've never (touch wood !) had any problems at all.
Our HoD brought this with him last year and did it with great success. I gave him the bottle of silver nitrate and a pipette so none was wasted and let the kids use their phone torches on our KS3 microscopes that don't have lights built in to give them a good light source - they got loads of excellent pictures from it and really enjoyed watching the trees grow!

(plus less washing up for me! Winner!! :laughing: )