About 40 minutes on the train with a 5 minute walk at either end, if I time it right I can be door-to-door in under an hour. Although most mornings I get off 1 stop early and do a 20 minute walk for a bit of exercise, and because it's nice to walk along the Thames while it's quiet in the mornings.
15 minute walk or <10 minute drive. It depends what the weather is like and what time I'm finishing as to whether I walk or drive.
I'm not one for commuting and have always worked close to home. I hate wasting time sitting in a car or traffic doing nothing when I could be at home with a cup of tea.
I would love to have a shorter commute - I think mine is about 17 miles and takes 35-40 mins if no roadworks/traffic. However, with the way pay and recruitment has gone and a lot of schools hiring as cheaply as possible, there aren't so many Senior let alone Lead positions around so I would have to take too big a wage reduction (which would affect my pension too) to move to a local school - I have been looking since my youngest son left this school 7 years ago.

Back in the day I used to cycle to central London to work. The longest, for 1.5 years was 1h 15mins each way - but also for several years 35 mins each way.

So the commute is relatively easy now comparative to that - and very picturesque.

Paul Murphy

Just over 10 miles, usually 20-25 minute drive.
I have on occasion walked home, took about 3 hours.
When the weather was nice it took longer, I had to rehydrate along the way...:beer:
I once had a post that was close to 25 miles, usually 50-60 minute drive.
18 weeks and counting.
Currently a 4 mile, 10 minute drive (can be up to 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon though!) but I'm about to move in with my partner so its turning into a 25 mile, 45 minute drive
Just shy of 3 miles. Can take anything between 10 minutes and 30 minutes to drive. I live on the top of a hill and school is on the top of a different hill, but when the weather is ok I ebike and it takes about 15 minutes. I don't ebike when it's cold and/or wet a) because it takes longer to get kitted up and then changed at school than the actual journey time and b) car drivers are nutters and I value my life (I am on first name terms with the local traffic police - my cyclecam footage in just the summer term last year led to 11 prosecutions:oops:)


13 mile drive each way. It takes me 25 minutes in the morning and about 35 minutes home.

My last school was 27.5 miles each way and took anything up to 90 minutes to get home.
About 8 minute cycle in, 6 minute cycle home (hills). I often go a longer way around to make it about 20 minute ride in. I can walk in in about 25 minutes.