CLOSED - Senior Technician - Lord Wandsworth College, Nr Odiham, Hampshire, Closing Date 4th Feb

Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire (11-18) are looking for a Senior Technician (TTO) as I am leaving to work in a full time role. It doesn't say in the advert, but this is also the head chemistry technician role (we have 3 separate prep rooms and a head technician for each subject plus 3 part time staff who work across all 3 departments). Deadline for applications is 4th Feb.

It is term time plus up to 2 weeks, for a total of 36 weeks a year. Actual salary is £17524 a year, but they will be introducing a support staff pay scale later in the year, so this might increase. Lunch is also provided. It is a lovely friendly department to work in. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
I know this is closed but i wonder if you would be kind enough to share the job description for this post. it might be what I'm looking for (the jd, not the job)
I know this is closed but i wonder if you would be kind enough to share the job description for this post. it might be what I'm looking for (the jd, not the job)


Grade 1 responsibilities: Can work in any department, generic duties.

  1. The timely preparation of apparatus for class practical’s and demonstrations, including the preparation of chemicals and materials.

  2. The setting up of the above equipment and the support of teaching staff during practical lessons as directed by the member of staff.

  3. The prompt clearing away and cleaning of apparatus following class practicals

  4. Maintenance of laboratory equipment in good working order and organisation of its storage. Arranging servicing of equipment as required.

  5. Photocopying as requested by members of staff.

  6. Keeping the laboratories supplied with sets of basic equipment and the storage areas clean and tidy.

  7. In conjunction with the Head Technician or Head of Department, ensuring that safe storage legislation and Health and Safety advice is followed and that hazardous materials are disposed of safely.

  8. Performing other reasonable duties required by the Head Technician or Head of Department, which might be needed from time to time to ensure the smooth, efficient running of the department.

  9. To Trial practical’s, including controlled assessments, to ensure safe and appropriate procedures for teachers and pupils.

  10. When required to support a teacher during practical activities in the laboratory; specifically this will include the monitoring of pupils during practical activities and demonstrating procedures when requested to ensure that safe practice is followed at all times. The Classroom Teacher is responsible to the Head of Department for the safe conduct of the lesson and the maintenance of good discipline. The Head of Department is responsible to ensure that the Science Technician is trained and competent to carry out any duties required.

  11. To issue text books to pupils and keep records of issues and returns.

Additionally the following Grade 2 responsibilities:

  • manage the technician service in a specified department, which includes
    • the preparation and distribution of apparatus and materials

    • opening and close down of the department at the ends of the day.
  • place purchase orders and monitor expenditure against budget

  • check goods received and approve invoices

  • maintain an inventory of departmental resources

  • either repair or organise the repair of equipment.

  • manage the record of textbook issue to pupils and manage recharges for lost or damaged books.

  • liaise with ICT department for any services required

  • maintain data logging equipment

  • Ensure that the CLEAPPS information relating to the department is current and adhered to.

  • Maintain any COSHH records relevant to materials used in the department and issue them when appropriate.

  • Coordinate with Maintenance Department to enable PAT testing of all electrical equipment to be carried out.

  • liaise with maintenance departments for any maintenance in the department required.

  • organise Fire Evacuation registers in each laboratory

  • display notices relating to H & S and Fire Regulations

  • Attend Departmental meetings
Additionally the following Grade 3 responsibilities:

  • Assist the Head of Science by managing and communicating issues that relate to the team of technicians

  • attend the Heads of Science Department meetings

  • Organise Saturday Rota for technician staff

  • Organise weekly rota of Grade 1 staff to ensure sufficient technician cover is maintained in each department.

  • Carry-out appraisals of Grade 1 staff.