CLOSED - Brand new school- Science Technician- West Sussex (31st Jan 2020 closing date)

We have an amazing opportunity to join our founding team as we set up our brand new all through school. This is an opportunity to make a real difference in what learning looks like as we grow over the years. The school is a wonderfully supportive place with some really exciting opportunities coming up over the years and a large network of support through being part of a larger trust who work collaboratively and support one another’s development as part of a larger technician team.

The job advert can be found on TES here: but do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like further information

It's really not a problem at all. At this stage, we have year 7 only with 4x classes of Science (4x lessons a week) and 4x classes of Art (1x lesson a week). Obviously as we grow, we will need to expand the technician team and it's likely that our technicians will naturally fall into faculty areas.

However, we are currently a small school of 120 students/ 16 members of staff, part of what is really exciting this year is being able to get involved in other aspects of the school whilst still growing, developing and determining the course for your own specialist area. Obviously I'm also new to the post too (the school opened in September, I started in May!) but this capacity to look at the bigger picture of education across the school, get involved with a team who are small and passionate and then know that I will also be able to build and develop my area was what appealed. I have definitely got this and hope that our new technician can come with a similar vision.

If you or anyone else wanted to come to the school to see what it's about and how this works you would be more than welcome. It's a pretty amazing place to be. Check out our facebook too, it gives a flavour of who we are and if you read the reviews you'll see just what a we've achieved so far.
Thanks @Janeyd66 :) that's a lovely thing to say. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too. So far we've managed to recruit a wonderful team (& have equally fabulous students) so I'm really hopeful for this too.