Clinostat: purchasing for 1st time, advice needed :)


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Now I know what the thing at the back of a biology shelf is :)

Now if I was asked to make a clinostat I would use a gearbox or two that Physics has for solar buggys and mount on a bit of MDF with a disc to mount plant on.

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We have several of the SciChem ones. We bought another one last year so I guess the biologists are happy with them
Morning all

I have been asked to purchase a clinostat as we don't have one, I have seen 1 on Rapid for £80.50 and one on sci chem for £64.23.

Do you guys have either of these and have any opinion on quality? Our budget as you all know is super tight and I don't want to go for cheapest and find its a mistake!

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We bought one like that in the picture from SciChem last summer and it stopped working during the first use. They were great and replaced it almost immediately, but the second one also stopped working. We think it was a motor issue as it stopped rotating and started clicking. We then bought one from a different company - basically we chose one that looked different, in case the same manufacturer made them all! I'm not sure where we bought our 3rd one from though, I can check once we are all back at school....... (It looked more like the one from rapidonline, but I don't think we bought it from there)
SciChem were great at replacing the damaged one and giving credit for the other one and said they would look into the issue with the supplier. Hopefully they have sorted it now, and their customer service was great.

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You could also get some wall garden plants which are genetically modified to grow sideways.
In the foyer to the science building we have some sky planters (I think that’s the name) with a variety of gravitropic plants growing in them. It makes for an interesting display
Great cheap idea but after a lot of 'faffing' I managed to get it to work for a short time (2 days) but it stopped turning and I couldn't get it to work anymore.
There are also a lot of other issues:
1. Large piece of apparatus so difficult to find a suitable dark place especially if you want a control (non-rotating) one as well.
2. Fixed position so not able to change angle of petri dish easily.
3, End of clock shaft sticks through the petri dish and into the medium so water/muck can get into the mechanism and stop the clock.
4. The dish is heavy and clock struggles to turn it.
5. Dish open to air so shoots/roots can be influenced by attraction/repulsion to the water in the cotton wool - hydrotropism.
6. Large piece of cotton wool is difficult to fix in dish and it can easily fall out.

I've got some ideas to make a completely new design and will trial it when I get some time.
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