CLEAPSS password

Ours goes to the Head of Faculty, so the chances of it going around all three departments and through the hands of the 3 technicians, are vanishingly small.
So I always contact CLEAPSS for it and then everyone asks me for the password.
A very efficient system, I'm sure you'll agree.
Has anyone asked when / whether they are going to retire the old password and send us all the new one ? It doesn't seem like a very efficient use of time for everyone to email and ask for it !
I did ask they didn't answer the question, just sent the new password.


Here we go again!
I think I read the bulletin would be posted by 18th, so hoping it will be here by the end of the week. Depends who receives it here too.
Bulletin arrived here today ...but the old password still seems to be working!! :D
Anyone found out when the old one will "die"??