Class Sizes

We are having a few problems with class sizes , being expected to do practicals with 32-33 pupils in some cases, just wondering what the class sizes are like in your schools?
About the same here. It can be a real pain when staff want full class sets, as that means setting up 15-16 sets for one lesson. If they want more than 2 pieces of a certain type of glassware per group, the numbers can quickly get out of hand. With numbers that large I try and push them to work in threes but I'm regularly told our students won't work in threes.
The problem for us as well as equipment is chairs and desks and also the size of the rooms , 32 Year 10/11's make it such a squeeze and a bit of a health and safety nightmare, but try telling that to SLT! It makes me cross that it's not law but just guidelines :mad:
Groups of 30-34 here in labs designed for 28-30. We prep 10-12 sets of equipment as standard and the students work in threes, but we will prep more sets if its specifically requested by the teacher. We have to manage that though as we'd run out of glassware with some of the practicals we do.
Groups of 30 at KS3, 20-32 at KS4 (lower ability sets are smaller)
We prep a maximum of 16 sets of glassware (fewer for smaller classes) and 6 sets of any chemicals, so chemicals are shared between 2-3 groups. We do occasionally persuade them to do groups of three, but that's usually only successful if we can prove that there literally isn't enough equipment !


I have the same, 16-17 sets, class of 34 and have been setting up practical's since September, It's even worse when they are doing the same topic 3 classes at the same time, followed by another Year group the next lesson again three classes at the same time trying to juggle the almost impossible. Trying to clean safety specs making sure bubbles don't mix, cleaning trays, quarantining, washing t-tubes, teachers not listening as they refuse to do demo's. I've even been coming in an hour early to catch up with the washing, my list goes on. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It doesn't help being a lone tech either. I just make sure that I take my lunch break!!
usually 28-32 but because of how our bubbles have worked and available staff we've ended up with a class of 34 and one of 37 in yr8. THIRTY SEVEN! can never swap them out of the lab theyre in cos none of the other rooms can hold that many kids. At least next year they'll be back down to normal size.
Maximum of 30 kids in each class. We are trying to go down to 10 sets and get them to work in 3's now there are only 2 of us. Some are OK with it, some are resistant to change and still want 15 sets which is difficult when we don't have 15 pieces of equipment.
We are on 30 per class, although a few have snuck up to 32 through the year. Since I'm the only technician and first one at this school, I have taken to telling them that they have 10 sets per class rather than asking, and for the most part that has been fine. It has also been helped by no-one else knowing how many pieces of specific equipment we have.


That's what people pay for - worth every penny - if my kids were of school age I would seriously consider paying - both went to state school which went into special measures then was taken over as an academy - not much better now.
It's definitely an advantage and much nicer to technician!

Peter Sigsworth

To be fair large classes can be taught effectively if the teacher is allowed to to maintain discipline and control - but they have had all their effective sanctions taken away over the years and student attitudes to education have changed such that many aren't bothered about doing well in class. Parental support/encouragement has declined also.
Our labs hold between 15-22 learners in total... we're presently in the process of creating new labs that should hold at least 24 as the cap on numbers holds us back quite a bit.