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This forum is for members to buy, sell or exchange science-related equipment.

General rules
  • School to school sales or exchanges only. No commercial use by limited companies or private person to person selling.​
  • All adverts are posted at your own risk. holds no responsibility for non-payment or any problems that may occur when buying, selling or exchanging any item you list on these forums.​
  • Make sure you have full school permission in writing before attempting to buy, sell or exchange an item belonging to your establishment.​
  • The sale of chemicals, radioactive equipment or hazardous items are prohibited from being listed here. We will remove anything that breaches our rules.. or common sense!​
When posting an item for sale or exchange, please include photos or videos where possible and as much detail about the item as you can including your school name and address. We recommend that anyone interested in contacting the seller do so via private messaging (click the username and then 'start a conversation') as email addresses and phone numbers listed on public forums tend to receive unwanted spam.

If an item sells or is no longer available, please create a post in your thread to announce this as soon as possible so members do not continue to contact you.
We will review these rules periodically and may change them without warning at any time.

If you have any issues or questions about this forum, please private message (PM) us at @prepAdmin or email us at
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