I know as soon as I post this that things will change, BUT we are sooooo quiet it's driving me insane!:bored:
It's nearly 2 'clock, I have 2 hrs to go & the only thing I have to do is climb the walls because I am so bored!! I was always told only boring people are bored, but honestly, I'm trying here!
Due to quiet times recently we have managed to do all the usual background jobs. Inventory update - equipment & chemical, glassware counts, paperwork, cleaning, sorting, noticeboards, checking that what it says is in each drawer, is actually what's in it & so on.
I have no practicals at all tomorrow or Friday...AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!
Please don't let the Gods of science suddenly decide to do everything at once though;)
there is always PAT testing...

Doing that along with acid washing all glassware plus still doing practical's as normal. Just told teacher no practicals for the last week of term so we can clean the rest of the glassware and tidy labs for next year.
We've got Science teachers wanting to do proper practicals with the Year 9s and some 7s and 8s in labs as well as taking stuff to the ends of the school - we don't clean in between 'bubbles' as it's the trained cleaners' job. No time to be bored. :laughing:
no point tidying, just makes room for more stuff.

not even lunchtime sleeve rolling club?
The catering team here call me Oliver Twist here, as I always come down with my own bowl for them to fill up - I always hear, ''here he is with his bowl again'' & ''please sir, can I have some more''. Goats cheese and caramelized onion wellington - you think anything can get me away from this?!?!

karen b

We have a quiet week after two fairly hectic ones.

Year 11 and 13 have finished, Year 12 have just had exams and have a UCAS day tomorrow. Year 10 are isolating at home after some positive cases.

Tidying up after random lessons last week. Finally getting in labs to check and reset trolleys.

Just helped rescue a bird from a fume cupboard ducting
Rushed off me feet here!
64 practicals today + science club + sleeve rolling club. No time for lunch, no time to go to the loo (have to wear an adult nappy!), no time to sit down.

I can just about make time to post here....just ;)
On a serious note, how many techs at your school with 64 practical's in a day?!
I've a bad case of cant be arsed.
2pracs planned for this morning which were changed to demos due to it being Sports day, which was itself canceled due to it looking like rain..
So pracs could have gone ahead...
Also had my fill of "Have you got the PA system for sports day on the other site", which no-one has mentioned prior to now and Open evening in a nonPhysics room where social distancing will be near impossible.


Last two weeks were dead as everyone was doing end of year assessments, but this week has been incredibly hectic.
Weirdly, I am busy on paper, but none of that work has come through (teachers being off or decided to do other things without telling me...), however a load more stuff has come through not on paper (vaccine discussion, consultation on new labs, apprentice assessments, router cabinet hurling itself on a poor trolley full of glassware), which is keeping me busy...