Burettes - class A or class B

I was wondering what type of burettes you provide for your practical chemistry classes - class A or class B? I am thinking of using class A for A level classes and type B for all other requirements - I'd be really glad of your advice. Many thanks in advance.
We do up to A level, and class B is good enough for those as well. Just about to do the titration between Sodium Carbonate and HCl, and using class B. Also they are cheaper.
Class B for all years. As long as the students use the same burette for all the runs of a titration any inaccuracy in the burette will result in a systematic error rather than a lack of precision. The difference between class A and class B is negligible in any event.
Maybe have one set of class A for your own use, class B should do for everything else - if your students are like ours, the uncertainties in weighing etc will be much bigger than uncertainties in class B glassware.
Thank you for all your replies - I am very grateful for your expertise, and will be passing this info on to my HOD.

Best wishes to you all