Bung Storage

How do you all store your rubber bungs? The system I inherited is pretty unhelpful (plastic bags inside of 4 cardboard boxes), and I'm looking for inspiration to revamp my bungs.


Lvl 37 Alchemist
Gratnel trays, sorted and labelled by size in a low triple column gratnell trolley
We use a range of grattnels with some margarine pots used for the odd ones (two hole, odd hole sizes etc).
We probably have around 6 trays in all.
Sorry to let the side down but mine are in labelled plastic bags in cardboard boxes. I do have 1 box for no hole, 1 box for single hole and another for 2 hole so I'm not a complete bungaholic
We (Physics) have two trays - one for rubber and one for cork - that everything is thrown into. Chemistry has it much better organised by size and number of holes - if you want a specific sized bung it's often faster to go upstairs and get one than rummage through our trays :rolleyes:
Three drawers. Top one is for the normal range (~13-24) sorted by diameter, number of holes. Next drawer is for larger ones, sorted the same way, final drawer is for smaller ones and corks, with the smallest in bags.


2 deep drawers, top drawer all 'usual' bungs in ziplock bags labelled by size/item ((13)t-t, (17) conical, (21)b-t etc) Decant into trays/margarine tubs for class use. Lower tray for bungs with holes, cork etc.