Bubbles in Thermometers


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"To remove unwanted air bubbles from alcohol thermometers, put the thermometers in a beaker of glycerol and heat it up until the thermometer liquid is in the reservoir at the top and then let the whole arrangement cool naturally overnight. This method is much safer than waving the bulb of a thermometer in a yellow bunsen flame."
Was this just for mercury thermometers (still allowed to be used but not sold),
or does also work with spirit types ?
Apologies; cut & paste switcheroo !
Should've read as 'Does this also work for mercury, or just spirit ?'
Put the bulb end of the thermometer in a large bung and then bang the bung vertically up and down on the desk repeatedly (or put the whole thing in a measuring cylinder with a bung in the top as a lid and shake vigorously) and your bubbles will magically disappear!
If you want some fun doing it, grab an CO2 fire extinguisher "extract" the dry ice from inside into a thick cotton sack or pillowcase. Put the thermometer inside a measuring cylinder and fill the the dry ice. you can also combine it with some shaking to help things along. Remember to wear gloves when handling dry ice!