Btec.....pig semen

Arrange for a local farm to bring a pig in for a visit, then get the teacher to err.. extract it themselves ;)

Would absolutely love to see the Risk Assessment for that..

All joking aside @Irene what is he planning on using it for
If you can get out of the teacher what they're doing with it then maybe you could mock up a fluid which would give the same test results?

UV reactive, protein positive test etc?
It's just to look at, that's all, those little beasties under a microscope
If it's just to look at under the microscope, could you not just use a prepared slide.....? Our animal histology sets have human sperm smears in. Or do they want to see them wiggling.....? :surprised:
For the BTEC, we've always done prepared slides, albeit our teacher at the time was an ex-semenologist, so probably had seen enough live stuff to last him a lifetime...
This reminds me of when I worked in an animal pathology lab and a colleague was filtering bull semen...he squeezed the filter too hard and it all exploded in his face - his face was covered!!
Laugh - we nearly wet ourselves!! :oops2:
:) laughing very loud in the preproom!!!! :) made my Friday afternoon!