Brand new PIPETTE FILLERS, 'PUMP-TYPE 25ml for sale


I have 30 of these for due to site amalgamation. £2 each or 30 for £50 plus postage or collect from Cobham Surrey


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Hi Mark,
I am interested in these, any idea what the postage might be? I will have to speak to my HOD and ensure we have money for them.
HOD says go for it. So I would like to take the whole lot for £50. Can you let me know about the p&p as we have to decide whether it is better if I come and collect like last time.
That sounds fine to me, Mark thanks.
Would you be able to do me an invoice like we did for the power supplies so that I can get the school to pay your school by BACs again.
No worries I have reused the invoice I used for the power supplies and will let you know when the school has paid via BACs including the £5.80 for the postage and packing.
Thanks Mark.