Beautiful bit of kit

Nick Mitchener

I bought this on ebay. Originally I thought it was around 1905 as in the Philip Harris catalogue of the time.

However now it has arrived I am staggered by how good it is. The brass is all cast, not rolled sheet, the glass is hand pulled from blown glass. I think it is probably pre 1850.

It is damaged, I need to get the separate bit fitted back, you can see where it has broken off. There is one piece of glass missing.

I simply love it though.


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Nick Mitchener

I have the philip harris wooden version from the catalogue too, though without a trough and more battered.

this one is just marvellous though. I will try and find a piece of period glass to repair the trough. The brass piece may need splints I'm not sure it can be repaired without. It has already been soldered one but there is so little metal there. Might be able to microweld (braze) it with a laser.
What will you do with it? use it? preserve it or make something else out of it? I amazes me how much old science equipment is turned into lamps etc. The collectors/vintage shops are full of it. I quite like some of the stuff.

Nick Mitchener

Keep it and restore it. I'm talking to fellow clock collectors about how to repair the brass, and I can get a bit of period glass cut to repair the trough. I'll likely add a video of it in use to my youtube channel. I'm a collector of scientific apparatus and clocks.