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After 25 years I guess there must be plenty I love about my job and there is!
The best part, providing ideas and solutions so we can inspire pupils to love science as much as we do.
In current times 3/5 of our pupils have no lab access, but thinking outside the box, microscale and inventive ideas mean we have still managed to get some hands on science to the pupils.
Year 7 have been making helicopters and collecting data, the excitement about meter sticks and stopwatches was unexpected, hopefully they will soon be able to access labs and get their Bunsen license. I'm not sure who is most excited about the prospect :)
I fell into this job in 2008, twelve years later I couldn't imagine doing anything else. The range of skills picked up along the way is endless and the feeling of really making a difference to students educational experience is invaluable. Working as part of a friendly, cohesive science department is what I treasure the most.


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So, time has come to randomly choose the 20 winners who will each receive one badge!
There are 59 posts in this thread so we used the random number generator to choose 20 winners, each is listed below!
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Well done to all the winners and thank you all for taking part!


#32 - @denise ralph

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#55 - @Irene

#51 - @Sharon Irving

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#11 - @Peter Dale

#41 - @KarenTheTech

#59 - @Fleur

#16 - @Blackadder

#8 - @Lynn

#37 - @Shannon

#23 - @labmom

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