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We have recently had another batch of our popular enamel badges made so we are giving 20 away. To be in with a chance of winning one, write a short post about what you love best about being a technician ON THIS THREAD BELOW.

On Friday the 16th October at 10:00 we will randomly choose 20 winners from these posts and send each one of the badges.
We will contact winners via private message here on these forums in order to get a delivery address soon after.

Please only post once as only one post per entrant will be eligible to win.

Good Luck!


paul r

I love the varity of work no two days are the same . I can be setting up a Chemistry practical , lesson 1 and Lesson 2 I can be repairing Physics kit .It is such a nice feeling when the students thankyou and a practical has gone really well . Each day I seem to learn something new or find a better way to set up a practical . The Technician team throughout the schools is second to none and all will help or share information on forums such a preproom. Most of the people I will never meet, however I really feel part of a community of like minded individuals.
I love getting to do all the stuff I wasn’t allowed to do at school (I suspect the technicians didn’t like my approach to practicals :p). I love trialling experiments, and understanding how they work, as well as working out new ideas. And I love the depths of our preproom - there are some beautiful pieces of old equipment lurking on our shelves.
I Absolutely love my job, have been a technician for 20 years now, The variety everyday and problem solving. I love fixing thing that people think are beyond repair. I love coming up with new ideas for the primary school outreach and Science club, especially if it is Harry Potter themed.
I love the variety but also the doing the same experiments which work each time. Especially the ones I've worked hard at and changed slightly to get the same result as if it was working properly. My most recent pride is getting the home made (made by someone else years ago) monkey and hunter to finally work as it should do
I love the perfect balance between structure and variety- no day is scarily unpredictable and I can always be confident in my ability to handle what comes up, but no day is mundane either!
I love making and mending and experimenting and sharing knowledge.

Plus being able to keep cool insects on my desk is a bonus.
I absolutely love being a science technician, I have been a technician for 47years 25 of which as senior science technician. Apart from meeting a large number of science teachers and trainees which have been and are all amazing I love being able to help the pupils. I really like transition time, and below here is me in a science club class when a kookaburrah landed on my head, of course the pupils thought it was hilarious, there has been nothing that I could ever complain about being a techician. I do hate the thought of retiring.


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I love the fact that there's always something new to learn or a new way to do an experiment and love seeing the moment a student who has struggled to understand an idea finally gets it through doing the practical
I Love my Job because it's always varied, I love how the staff always get their apparatus requests in way before they need the stuff ;)
How jobs magically get done by me :) so everything is ready and ordered when the HOD suddenly "remembers" open evenings, assessed practicals, random things for science club to cut up and the fact the students will need books to write in next term.

Mind I am totally Mr last min .com ........... love helping to inspire a love of science and investigative thinking in the young ,

I love the fact we get free tea coffee and sometimes we get cake when its someones birthday,

love my job when I can fish out of a drawer new tights, a needle and thread, obscure batteries and fuses, safety pins, random charging leads for various devices both current and latent types, bicycle lights and umbrellas , shoe polish and spare ties :)

Love my job "the data loggers not working ? " well have you tried turning it on and off again ? five min later don't worry it's working now

Love being able to pick the paper jam out from the photocopier.

Mind I have been doing this since the days of the hand cranked "spirit banda" machine Who else remembers having blue fingers from the transfer ink

Would I still be a Physics Technician if I had my time all over again ?

Yes I think I would

All in all its been fun

Not everyone can say I do enjoy my job (most of the time )
I love the freedom I have to work independently. Of course, I serve my department, and the school, but I am free to organise my time and how I do that entirely myself as long as I do everything I need to. Before this, all of my jobs were in customer services, stuck behind a till serving people, or doing menial tasks. While the argument could be made that cleaning the science equipment is somewhat menial, there's a certain challenge to it that goes beyond scraping uneaten food off of plates. You have to know what it is you're cleaning, know what is in it, know how to dispose of it. It's technical, it's specialised, and it's not something that just anyone can do. In that sense, I feel privileged to be part of community brimming with specialist knowledge and experience that no other job I've held could hold a candle to.

I love the fact that the job makes me have to think and use my brain, that I can (time allowing) test a practical that I've never done before. There is something extremely satisfying in learning of a new demo that doesn't sound plausible, but then it works and blows your mind, and you just have to figure out how it works.

I think my favourite thing about it is that I actually feel appreciated by my head of department and the science team. It was an inoccuous comment about something I do without really thinking much about it, but my HoD expressed an awe and respect for my ability to just quickly and easily work out dilutions for mixing acids and such, which the other teachers reinforced. That was the best feeling; that my skills and knowledge aren't just needed, but admired and respected.
There is so much to love - every day is different. Between chem, bio, physics, astronomy and STEM lessons I am always doing something new and developing new skills. This for me is they key - I learn something new every day. Being constantly challenged means I'm always interested in what I'm doing.
Always had an interest in science but took the wrong direction/decisions early in life. Not until my late 20s did I return to college/university and study science. Things didnt go quite as planned and I was left in limbo career wise until I stumbled across techland. Apprehensive at first as I didnt like the idea of being a school lab tech (as I saw it) but the job grew on me.

The learning curve was huge. To start with I couldnt tell you the difference between a mortice machine and zip drive. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in all departments in the school. Through the years I have spent much time improving my skill set before returning to sciences which is where I feel most at home.

It is true to say that there are tasks I dislike but overall I can look back at each day and say I get paid to do a job I enjoy and make a positive contribution. I dont think there are too many out there that could say the same about their job.
I like that no 2 days are the same, even an identical practical will run differently depending on the class. I like having control of my own time management. This means that I can often accommodate "sorry I forgot to order..." because I tend to prep a couple of days ahead. The teachers value my input on what does and doesn't work and how to make sure (most of) the students get the expected results. I am the sole Chemistry technician and the department is very much a team, there is no sense of "them and us", we are all in it together to give the students the best possible practical science experience. I think the respect from the Chemistry teachers plays a huge part in my enjoyment of the job. Reading the woes of techs in other schools, I think I am very lucky.
Working as science technician was the best thing happen to me, I used to work in hospital laboratory before, then change it to work as school technician.
It allows me to gain valuable experience in ensuring a safe and effective, efficient service for both students and teaching staff.

With every experiment trial and when getting good results it made me proud of myself, everyday is different and always learning new stuff and exploring more.
September 1989 Question(S) from workmate in industrial laboratory "Are you sure you know what doing and is it what you want?"
October 2020 A: After 31 years i would say the answer is yes.
Im well respected by my school science team and not looked down on at all My knowledge, experience and integrity is often called upon.
Is it wrong to say "Working in the holidays when there's no kids and no teachers in"? :p

Seriously, though - it often feels like it's 2 jobs in 1 really - there's the term-time job: working to tight deadlines (and much at short notice), having to do quick turnaround of pracs for other classes, maintaining/refilling class sets of apparatus/reagents etc detailed planning and mind-reading on a daily basis, and directly influencing the education of teachers pupils - and what I sometimes refer to as "putting up with numpties" (I mean, seriously, where DO they get some of their ideas!?!) when staff ask ridiculous questions :). Then there's working during the holidays: chemical store checks, PAT testing, equipment/lab maintenance, cleaning/tidying the prep room, preparation of reagents like dilute acids/alkalis, topping up stock bottles - the list goes on.

They are 2 different jobs - each giving a break from the other, and helping in a small way to keep things fresh and stop me crawling up the walls (or just ripping someone's head off when they annoy me......:vampire:)
Having my prep room sandwiched between two labs I love hearing pupils shout in excitement at their own experiments and the demos. Whenever I have a new idea the teachers are always eager to try and get just excited themselves! Being a part of showing how amazing and enjoyable science can be is a wonderful feeling.

It's also pretty funny watching some teachers get confused over simple things... I love my teachers even when I worry about how they became teachers :laughing:
When I was at School studying A-Level Biology and Chemistry, I was always intrigued by what the Technicians were up to in their little rooms and thought to myself ....I would like to do that!
I have recently...well January, then lockdown! returned to being a School Science Technician and I am really enjoying it...even though my feet ache!!
Technicians are the invisible force that keep things running, whether in an Educational setting or Industry.