Aspirin method

Does anyone have a simple method for making aspirin from Salicylic acid? I have been asked to rewrite and review our current method as it takes too long and too complicated. I have not done this myself or even supported doing it. any help would be apricated thanks
a) Weigh out approximately 6.00 g of salicylic acid directly into a 100 cm3
conical flask.
b) Record the mass of salicylic acid used.
c) Using a 10 cm3 measuring cylinder, add 10 cm3 of ethanoic anhydride to the
flask and swirl the contents.
d) Add 5 drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to the flask and swirl the mixture in
the flask for a few minutes to ensure thorough mixing.
e) Warm the flask for twenty minutes in a 400 cm3 beaker of hot water at
approximately 60oC The temperature in the flask should not be allowed to
rise above 65 oC
f) Allow the flask to cool and pour its contents into 75 cm3 of water in a beaker,
stirring well to precipitate the solid.
g) Filter off the aspirin under reduced pressure, avoiding skin contact.
h) Collect the crude aspirin on a double thickness of filter paper and allow it to

That is the first part of the practical without purifying it.
Here's a worksheet I wrote a few years ago for the old applied science BTEC.


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It's an AQA required prac for A level chemistry. I don't think the prac handbook is behind any firewalls on the website. It has technician and student sheets in it.