Something in the new labs is taking the gloss finish off the new desktops in patches. Odd random patches, in odd places. These are 3 weeks old.

"It's something you're sending out"

Nope. HCL, 1m. Iodine. Food tests.

"It's the HCL!"

Nope. used some plasticine to make a ring and poured some on some of MY worktop in prep, left it reaction.

"Sulphuric or hydroxide, then"

"No. Nobody's had any."

"The hand soap?"

nope, tested that as well.

It looks in places like drips or streaks. But I can't find anything that's gone out that causes it on my worktops.

I'm wondering if it's an over zealous cleaner with an unsuitable scrubber or chemical. It's a grey speckled worktop, with occasional bits of yellow/brown in the pattern...I've had quite a few staff mistake those for staining..I do wonder if some feckwit has gone full on scrub, and taken the top layer off that way...

Technician Q

Can you see any scratching? An abrasive cleaner would leave scratches I would have thought. Could it be a combination of things? Our wooden benches are a bit sticky because they were "deep cleaned" over the summer.
I try.

Network manager was in here earlier, as an assistant head came in to look in a cupboard.

"What can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for a stapler, but knowing you it could be anywhere."

"That's stack by the door, second column, third row. Label starts with an S, ends in ER, has letters in between. Big word."

"Oh, you're being a d*ck this morning.."

Nope, just me. Default operating mode.

She JUST sent me to admin for 200 envelopes. The heads PA is running the show solo, so she's stressed.

"I need NOTICE. They CAN'T just do this."

"I can tell you that the chances of them giving notice is zero, from 10 years experience. She sent me on behalf of G."

"Tell them, notice next time."

"I tell them every bloody day."

"Well, there you go..envelopes."

Back to D...snuck up behind her on my scooter. "Boo."

Jumped a mile. "Don't DO that."

"Not sorry. Envelopes. S says you need to give notice."

"That's why I sent you."

"Cheers a bundle. Muppet."

"Take them to G in lab 8."

Went in.

"What are these?"

"For you, envelopes, 200. From Admin, with a scowl."

"Thats not enough."

"Look, hell in high heels told me 200. S counted 100, I lost count around 80, grabbed a stack more. That's around 200, give or take."

"I didn't know you could count.."

Whole sixth form class...."OOOH..!"

So i mock coughed.."'k off", head into hands , both hand with middle fingers raised.

It's going to be one of those days...
We've had issues with the cleaners using a product called Selgene. It can break down varnishes and its made a set of 50 year old desks soo sticky that a pupils book ripped as they lifted it after if being on the desk for a lesson.
We re-cleaned them using 100% hard surface cleaner (normally used on floors) to get them back to normal, however it has lifted lots of the old varnish as it had been compromised.
Selgiene?? RIGHT. Yes. Thankyou. They DO use that....i'm going to steal a bottle to test.
Yeah it's in a 5ltr bottle and is pink.
They should use it in a 1:10 dilution as its strong stuff.
It should be used as a spray, and then washed off with soapy water. Our cleaner was using it as a mist and leaving it there.

(I'm a relief cleaner in the school)
Apparently we DON'T use it now. Dang. I reckon the surface has been scrubbed with abrasive. or an abrasive something, in patches.

The pattern really doesn't help - some bit look EXACTLY like iodine stains, and catch the eye. But they're part of the surface pattern.